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Billie Travalini Receives 2019 Masters Fellowship Grant in Literature, Fiction, Broadkill Review, Spring 2019


Her Voice is a Choice, WilmU Magazine, feature article, in print and online   WilmU Magazine, Spring 2019


Artists Fellowships, Delaware Division of the Arts, April 2019


Delaware Press Associaiton,, September 2018



Governor’s Award for the Arts, Education, video,   

 Inside a childhood of neglect and abuse -, News Journal in print and online) 

Inside a childhood of neglect and abuse. Autumn wanted to believe that her drug-addicted, prostitute mother didn’t mean to hurt her, and would stop after the first few blows. But seeing her daughter in pain mirrored her own pain, her own disappointments, and somehow, deep down in her brain pain made sense, so she kept punching. Until, of course, Autumn was dead. 

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