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Blood Sisters

ISBN - 978-0984485031

A finalist for the Bakeless Publication Prize and the James Jones Award and winner of the Lewes Clark Discovery Prize. 

At 10, Betsy Toppin's life was going fine until the day a Family Court judge ordered her to leave Mama Cope, her foster mother—the only parent she had known—and live with strangers: her biological parents. Before she was able to understand what it all meant she had gone from being safe and loved to unsafe and unloved, and middle class Catholic to lower class Protestant: none of which pleased her. But the heart of Blood Sisters is not the abuse she endured as the result of one bad decision made by one rushed judge. It is the power of sisterhood. It is the story of how Bootsie, a tomboy and their father’s favorite, willingly gave up her favored place in the family to protect Betsy—the sister she never knew she had—from their father’s demons. And how, together, they learned to never give up hope, no matter what.

On the Mason-Dixon Line

ISBN - 978-1611490954

In the first collection of its kind, the editors have gathered together fifty-two of the best poems, stories, memoirs, novel excerpts, and creative nonfiction by writers who have called the tiny state of Delaware their home. The volume offers meticulously selected work, alphabetized by author, much of it inspired by or set in the state, and all in a wide range of styles. The anthology is not limited to writers currently living in Delaware; rather, it ranges far beyond, including major writers such as Gibbons Ruark, McKay Jenkins, Julianna Baggott, Fleda Brown, Allison Funk, and Pulitzer Prize winner W. D. Snodgrass_writers who were originally from Delaware, or who lived in the state long enough for their work to have been influenced by its streets, its beaches, and its winding marshland waterways. The anthology includes substantial biographies of each author.

No Place Like Here
Edited by Billie Travalini

ISBN - 978-0984485017

Southern Delawareans resist forced sameness no matter how fancy it is panted to be. They get that having an oceanfront house in Rehoboth or a gingerbread house in historic Georgetown or a trailer plunked down in farmland somewhere between Clarksville and Dagsboro is all good. The largest of the three counties, Sussex County, abounds in individual choice. The seventy-three poems, stories, and essays in this anthology offer a diverse range of topics and writing styles, and a new clarity of vision about the people and places that make Southern Delaware extraordinarily unique. 

Teaching Troubled Youth: A Practical Pedagogical Approach 

With remarkable grace, male and female adjudicated youth 12 to 18 offer the best possible window into their very own private world. Some selections are technically outstanding. Others shine because of the sheer strength of the message or the creative effort. One theme is universal throughout: the need to be heard: to matter.     

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